7D Shifter

7D Shifter 1.0

7D Shifter is new original puzzle. 7D Shifter\'s distinguishing...

7D Shifter is new original puzzle. 7D Shifter's distinguishing feature is excellent gameplay. Interesting logic combinations and tasks do not appear and disappear on random mode, puzzles complexity does not increase during the game, and requirements to player's speed do not increase either.

Game is well balanced: by task complicity, by time, by ideal combination of random factor and player's strategic plans. The game develops players visual memory and logic thinking skills, gives excellent opportunity to relax and make progress for adults and children.

Opportunity to send scores to Internet raises spirit of competition and allows find interesting friends all over the world. Game task to form up three or more chips of the same type (color, shape) in a raw horizontally or vertically.

Formed up this way chips disappear from game field giving you for every chip at least 1 score. Empty spaces are filled with new chips by random mode.

To form up a raw of chips you can shift horizontal or vertical raw to left right or up & down by one cell. Game is over when it is no available move that brings to chips disappearance.

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